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Stockbury Social Housing

The social housing in Stockbury is administered by Maidstone Borough Council in conjunction with the housing associations that own the social housing in the village.

To be considered for social housing in the village, as and when properties become available, any person who wishes to apply must first meet the eligibility qualifications for MBC social housing, be living or working in Stockbury, or otherwise have a connection with Stockbury as well as being registered on the MBC housing register.

It takes approx 4 weeks for applications to be processed at MBC. Please see the link below to register.

In addition to being on the MBC register, it is also necessary for persons to be registered on the housing lists for each of the village housing associations that the applicant may wish to apply for.

The housing associations in Stockbury village are listed below;

The Riverside Group | Social Housing | Housing Association

If you would like further details, or wish to discuss please contact a parish councillor.

If you would like your name added to a list of interested parties held by SPC please email your details to our parish clerk Mrs Sherrie Babington at:


The next Meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 20 October 2021 in Stockbury Village Hall.

Members of the public are invited to attend the meetings, however as social distancing will still be in place, spaces will be limited. 

The agenda for the meeting is available to download from the Parish Councils website.


Stockbury Volunteers COVID-19 Support

We are living through very difficult and unprecedented times and want to help support our community. So at the request of Stockbury Parish Council and with Stockbury Church, a small team has been formed to co-ordinate help within the parish, throughout the coming weeks and months.

We need volunteers for this, to help our self isolating neighbours or the vulnerable, with deliveries and collection of essentials, food, medical supplies, prescriptions etc.

We also want to keep in touch with neighbours through reassuring phone calls and emails, so that people do not feel alone or anxious at this time.

If you are able to volunteer, to collect, drop off or just keep in touch with someone via phone, text, or email, please contact us us at: or call 07551 454702 ( it's the Stockbury Community Bus Number) and we will get back to you.

If you need help, or know someone who needs help, please use the above contact details. For further details please see the Stockbury Covid19 website or our fb page

The Parish Council, in line with government advice, has decided to suspend public meetings for the coming months of the crisis but will continue to work on your behalf with delegated powers. You can still contact the councillors by phone or email with any issues relating to the Parish, or the current covid-19 crisis. We will keep the dedicated Stockbury covid19 website updated with any new developments.

The Harrow community pub has had to close on government orders but has a takeaway service including food, wines and beers including draught beer (please take you own container) that can be collected, or delivered free to the village. The Harrow is also making freshly baked bread several days a week which can be ordered the day before. The takeaway menu is on the website and fbpage and the pub can be contacted on 07909 631057.

MBFarms is open as usual and can provide a wide variety of stationery,newspapers and magazines as well as foods, wines, beer and other essentials tel 01795 842401.The Post Office will also remain open as usual.

Do remember that whilst we must all follow government advice and minimise contact, there is still a lot we can do to help each other. Please be aware of neighbours who may need help, or just a friendly phone call.

Take care and stay well!

Best wishes,

Stockbury Parish Council


  • Stockbury Village Hall

About Stockbury Village

The History of Stockbury

If you want to find out about our village then please buy our history book entitled ‘Stockbury, a Stroll through the Past’, published in 2005.
In it you will find references to our castle, long lost village dwellings, Domesday Book entries and a whole chapter on our ancient church. If you are searching for a relative who may have had connections with Stockbury perhaps he/she is mentioned in our chapter on the house histories, or indeed in the extracts from annuls of the church poor, or maybe in the account of Stockbury’s WWII associations with Detling airfield nearby.

Memorable events from the past are recorded too, such as the time when the church was flooded mid sermon, or more recently what happened when the hurricane of 1987 passed through the parish. And we have not forgotten our environment. You will find documented the parish flora and fauna and the bird population you might expect to see. Explanations are also to be found on the ancient art of digging wells (as Stockbury has many) and you can discover what a dene hole is too! 

There is much more of course so if you are interested you can catch up with our past for just £9.95; books are sold at the local farm shop and at The Harrow Inn, Stockbury. All revenue is placed in a fund for future parish cultural enterprises.

In 1997 an appraisal was published with a wealth of information about Stockbury Village including the village's history, surveys, observations and pictures.